Tokyo-based NFT Project with Cardano by Konbinify


Welcome to the official Dragonz Club, a collection of limited Cardano NFTs

All Dragonz are created manually They are NOT programmatically generated

Therefore numbers of Dragonz will always be very limited

Each season is never going to exceed 44 units

We organise Flash Sale for each collection

It allows a random distribution of NFTs per collection

You can then get a character which is on very high demand for same price

The project is verified on :

For the first season, there are 4 collections available :

The Debut Collection (20 CNFTs) :

egg-Drainbow-D cal-Devil-D avoca-Dbeer-Dzebra-D  nin-D bee-D jaw-Dpan-Doula-D hidden-D skel D vlad-D pink-D meuh-D   tiger-D albi-D  cola-D

The Classic Collection (12 CNFTs) :

san-D salva-D  D-onuts raoul-D  leonar-D joa-D mister-D  big-D. salse-D  where-is-D squid D leon D

The Rock Collection (8 CNFTs) :

come-as-you-Dback-to-D i-want-to-break-Dpoker-D star-Dkiss Ddaft Ddaft D

The Rare Collection (3 CNFTs) :

original-Dfils-de-D Mag D

If you want to be updated with all the news and join the Dragonz Club, we are on:
And for any querie you can write to us at

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Dragonz NFT

Launch Drop

Season 1 (43 Dragonz) Spring 2022